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Alfons Klaas Reprezentant GermaniaAlfons Klaas
Westerwieher Str.208, 33397 Rietberg
Tel : 0173-2809855

Karl Heinz Lang reprezentant Germania Punct colectare porumbeiKarl Heinz Lang
35428 Langgons, Tulpenweg 20
Tel : 06403-90270
Einsatztage 2018 :
Montag 05.03.2018 – 11 Uhr
Samstag 31.03.2018 – 14 Uhr
Samstag 28.04.2018 – 14 Uhr

Waldow WernerWerner A. Waldow
46282 Dorsten, Gräwingheide 2
Tel:0049 172 2626841

reprezentant OlandaDickmann-Stroetges
41379 Bruggen , Genholterstrasse 34
Tel : 02163-5714549

Lorenzo Ghiaci reprezentant ItaliaLorenzo Ghiacci
47014 Meldola , Via RaggiS.Colombano 9
Tel ; 0329 5327910


golden pigeon LIVE STREAMING


Entry is open to all Countries but all pigeons must wear an approved official ring from the issuing Federation of the Year 2019.
A team costs 600 Euros.
Each team consists of three pigeons, of which 2 are activated to compete for prizes in all the races.
Reserve Pigeon – Pigeon nº 3 is a reserve and will compete for prizes in all races up to, and including Race No. 4.
Pigeon nº 3 of each team will replace any lost birds up to and including the Race No.4.
If both the entered pigeons nº 1 and nº 2 have not been lost, the reserve pigeon nº. 3 can be activated by the participant until the 27 August for an additional €300 to participate in the final Europa Master Pigeons OLR.
Reserve pigeons not activated by the owners until  27 August , can be activated by other participants on 28 August and 05 September 2019.
The RESERVE pigeons cannot be swapped from one team to another of the same owner.

Payment will be made to the following account:
Addresses: Str. Sucevei Nr. 91, 725200 Falticeni, Romania
Addresses 725200 Falticeni, Str. Republic, Romania
for payments in EURO:
IBAN: RO10 BTRL EURC RT04 7787 8001
For payments in USD:
IBAN: RO14 BTRL USDC RT04 7787 8001
For RON payments:
IBAN: RO60 BTRL RONC RT04 7787 8001

The payment of prizes on Romanian territory will be made in RON at the exchange rate of Banca Transilvania on the day the prizes are paid. Taxation of prizes, if applicable, shall be in accordance with the laws in force at the time of payment of the prizes. The recipient of the prize will bear the bank transfer fees. Sending pigeons to European Master Pigeons SRL means that the rules are fully accepted.

hipping and Arrival of Pigeons – To ensure the health of pigeons, with quarantine, vaccination, and creating immunity in groups upon arrival, the pigeons will only be received on the following Time : 25.02.2019 – 12.05.2019




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