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Flight plan and training

The contest program is as follows:
HS1- Bogdan Voda ( 104Km ) 05.08.2020
HS2 - Panciu ( 182 Km ) 12.08.2020
HS3 - Romanu - Brăila ( 264 Km ) 19.08.2020
HS4 - Stupina ( 352 Km ), FCI MUNDIAL RACING 26.08.2020
HS 5 Halbfinale - Biruința – 421 Km 08.09.2020
FINALE – 503 Km Bliznatsi 22.09.2020

Between the stages will be minimal a training with clock and boarding between 50Km and 100Km.
During training, training will be done daily between 10Km and 100KM with the clock on. The exception will be days with extreme atmospheric conditions (torrential rains, strong winds, heat, etc.). The training will take place in all four cardinal points.

The trainings will be daily, boarding, between 01.07.2020 and 01.08.2020. The organizers reserve the right to change their training and contest dates, if the situation so requires. Any changes will be brought to the attention of the participants.

The pigeons will be received between 29.02.2020 - 10.05.2020.


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